is happening this year on 27th April, 2024

About The Event

About The Event

TEDxABESEC is an event held under the license obtained from the TED organization to organize an independent standardized event. We wish to witness a batch of eminent speakers who gave birth to ideas that now exist as startups, initiatives, and lifechanging goals. We plan to make this edition even bigger than the last, exhibiting the same zeal as the then team but boosted by the innovation of today's technology driven and enthusiastic youth.


ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad


27th April, 2024

Event Speakers

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Speaker 1

Mukul Sharma


Speaker 2

Arsh Goyal


Speaker 3

Ipsita Das

Life Coach

Speaker 4

Nitin Joshi

Business Content Creator

Speaker 5

Ravi Kapoor

IRS Officer

Speaker 6

Jai Arora

Digital Creator

Speaker 7

Sakshi Shrivas


Speaker 8

Major Samar Toor

Special Forces Veteran

Speaker 8

San Kalra

Fashion Influencer

Speaker 8

Sumit Rathi


Our Theme

Sarvam Anubhavti

Every experience, every encounter, every moment is a brushstroke painting of our lives on the canvas of existence. “सर्वं अनुभवति (Sarvam Anubhavati): Everything is an Experience” is our theme for TEDxABESEC'24. The following signifies the idea that everything is experienced or perceived. It accentuates the notion that every aspect of our life, every moment, and every interaction is an opportunity for experience and learning. It is a reminder that within the flow of time lies the essence of our being, waiting to be explored and embraced.

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